Tragedy Strikes A Grief-Stricken Day as Twelve Infants Lose Their Lives in an Indian Hospital


A heart-wrenching incident unfolded in the Indian state of Maharashtra, where a hospital witnessed a tragic loss of twelve infants in a single day. This devastating event has ignited a political storm, with opposition politicians pointing fingers at both the regional government and hospital authorities, alleging negligence. In this blog post, we will delve into the heart-rending incident, the circumstances surrounding it, and the reactions from officials and the public.

The Tragic Incident

On a fateful Sunday, twelve infants, barely beginning their journey in this world, tragically lost their lives at the Shankarrao Chavan Government Hospital in the Nanded district of Maharashtra. This heart-wrenching occurrence was part of a total of 24 recorded deaths at the hospital that day, casting a dark shadow over the healthcare system.

Allegations of Negligence

The families of the infants and opposition politicians have raised alarming allegations of negligence within the hospital:

  • Overcrowded Neonatal Unit: Families reported that the neo-natal unit was exceptionally crowded on that ill-fated day, with four to five babies crammed into incubators designed for just one.
  • Lack of Response: Despite the distressing situation, there are claims that hospital authorities did not respond adequately to address the overcrowding issue.
  • Shortage of Resources: Concerns have been voiced about potential shortages of essential resources, such as medicines and staff, which may have contributed to this tragedy.

Hospital’s Response

The dean of Shankarrao Chavan hospital, Shyamrao Wakode, has not yet responded to allegations of negligence or overcrowding. He cited time constraints due to a government minister’s visit to the hospital.

However, Wakode did offer an explanation for other patient deaths, stating that 12 adult patients died from various ailments, including diabetes, liver failure, and kidney failure. He asserted that there was no shortage of medicines or doctors, and that proper care was provided to the patients, but their bodies did not respond to the treatment.

Government Inquiry

In response to the alarming number of deaths, the Maharashtra government initiated an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the infants’ and other patients’ deaths on that tragic Sunday. State minister Girish Mahajan expressed concern over the high mortality rate and pledged to investigate whether it was due to a lack of medicines, staff shortages, or other factors.

Political Backlash

Opposition politicians, including those from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party, have accused the Maharashtra government of gross negligence over the infants’ deaths. This tragedy has sparked a political storm, with calls for accountability and a thorough investigation into the hospital’s operations.


The loss of twelve infants in a single day is an unspeakable tragedy that has left a community in mourning. It has also ignited a fierce debate about the state of healthcare infrastructure and accountability within the Indian healthcare system. As investigations unfold, it is hoped that the root causes of this heartbreaking incident will be uncovered, leading to reforms and improvements that prevent such tragic events in the future. In the midst of this sorrow, the call for justice and change rings loud, as the nation mourns the loss of these innocent lives.

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