“1980s Cars Gaining Value and Popularity”

1987 Ferrari F40:

This is one of the most iconic supercars of all time, with a stunning design and a powerful twin-turbo V8 engine that can reach 201 mph. It was built to celebrate 40 years of Ferrari and only 1,300 examples were made. The initial pre-owned cost of this car is $1,000,000.

1981 DeLorean DMC-12:

This is the car that became famous for its role in the Back to the Future movies, with its distinctive gullwing doors and stainless-steel body. It was marketed as a premium sports car, but it had a rather slow performance with a 130-hp V6 engine. The initial pre-owned cost for this car stands at $33,200.

1984 Toyota MR2 MK1:

This is one of the first mid-engined sports cars from Japan, with a lightweight and agile chassis and a 128-hp 1.6-liter engine. It was praised for its handling and fun factor, and it spawned two more generations of the MR2. The initial pre-owned cost for this car stands at $5,700.

1984 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk II:

This is the second generation of the legendary hot hatch that started the trend in the late ’70s. It had a larger and more refined body than the Mk I, but it retained the same 112-hp 1.8-liter engine and sporty suspension. It was a practical and affordable car that could also deliver great performance and driving pleasure. The initial pre-owned cost of this car is $2,820.

1981 Range Rover Classic (Five-Door Version):

This is the original luxury SUV that combined off-road capability with comfort and style. It had a spacious and versatile interior, a rugged and reliable four-wheel-drive system, and a choice of V8 or diesel engines. It was a pioneer in its segment and influenced many other SUVs that followed. The initial pre-owned cost of this car is $9,000.

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