Scraps to Sustainability Waste Wood Collection for Recycling

Waste Wood Collection

Waste Wood is one of the most valuable resources. It is abundantly available on the planet.  It can be used for recycling which depends on the quality of the surplus. Wood recycling is a boundless process of turning waste into a shape that can be used again.

Waste Wood

It is defined as all the left-over or unused wood.  The wooden products that have come to an end because of breakage and damage that have left it for no use anymore. Such unusable wood and damaged wood fall into the category of Wood Waste Collection.

Recycling wood

Recycling wood is well-organized process that involves collecting throw out wood products, such as construction waste, furniture, and pallets, and then processing them into making a usable material. Waste wood recycling is an effective method that reduces the need to cut down trees. The products you can get from scrap wood recycling can be used in making paper, panel boards, wood pellets, and energy production by burning them as biomass.

The categories of the Waste Wood Collection

Waste   Wood falls into several categories based on its forms. It is typically found in two types, called unprocessed material and processed material. These two types have further categories according to their quality grading.

Unprocessed Materials

The unprocessed material is collected and then categorized into a total of Four grades, which are as follows:


Material that is produced from solid clean hardwood or softwood wooden pallets, disused pallets, packing cases, cable drums, joinery offcuts, and the secondary manufacture, etc. It is uncontaminated, and the wood that is free from preservatives, paint, or any other chemical coatings. Such material is suitable for making animal bedding, plywood, and mulches.


It is also called Industrial feedstock grade which is usually up to 80% solid clean wood mixed with wood from the demolition and construction of solid wood furniture and houses. This wood is leftover or unused and clean waste that may contain up to 5% MDF is suitable for making panelboard.


It is also known as a Fuel grade and Grade B wood plus fencing, chipboard, plywood, MDF, OSB, and fiberboard that has been collected from municipal collections and civic amenity sites and can be used for biomass fuel. Grade-C includes wood that may have been treated before with chemicals, but not with copper/chrome/arsenic (CCA) or creosote.


It is the waste and Hazardous material that has been treated with toxic chemicals. This includes all grades of wood that are treated before and require disposal at special facilities and cannot be recycled due to contaminations but and be used as land fillers after the processing.

Processed Materials

The processed material is shredded wood that has gone through some process of recycling and can be used again as it is processed. The processed material is categorized into three grades which are mentioned below:


It is the cleanest wood that is processed using high-speed shredders with the help of ferrous and non-ferrous metal removal. This process also separates the clean wood from other materials.


It is also clean wood and wood from demolition, construction, and solid wood furniture. This is also processed by using a high-speed shredder and then is screened to remove the fines from it.


This grade is a mix of higher and lower-quality wood and board products, that is primarily excluded from anything treated with creosote or CCA. It is shredded to a specific size and screened, with ferrous and non-ferrous metal removals.

Many wood recycling companies define wood waste as clean, dirty, or mixed due to the ease of the vocabulary, as it is difficult to use the grade category names.

Why Use Recycle Wood?

Cost-effective: It is cheaper than a new loaf of a tree and is the best alternative to using the new wood. being cost-effective it allows you to create your desired products on a budget.

Efficient: It’s very easy to use and handle, and it is highly efficient when building furniture or other wooden products.

Environmentally friendly: The main reason for recycling waste wood collection is to move forward to sustainability.

Life-changing: Recycling wood can make a huge impact on nature; it is the best way to use the wooden product without damaging any further trees.

Safe and Secure: The recycling process is a safer option for the planet and will help to give a secure environment to living beings.

Where to recycle wood?

The Wood Waste Collection can be taken to the following places for recycling:

  • Waste management facilities
  • Recycling centers
  • Scrap yards

Final Words

Recycling Wood helps to reduce the amount of residue sent to landfills, where it decomposes in decades or even centuries. The material is given a new life as it can be used as a fuel source, a building material, and a landscaping product.  This process will help to extend the life of wood and will reduce waste.

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