Trails Carolina’s Reputation Crisis Sparks Urgent Reform

Trails Carolina, a wilderness therapy program in North Carolina, has faced significant challenges lately due to allegations of abuse, negligence, and tragic fatalities. This article explores the controversies surrounding Trails Carolina, assesses the impact on the wilderness therapy industry, and scrutinizes the ongoing discourse regarding the safety of such programs.

Alec Lansing’s Tragic Demise

A 16-year-old named Alec Lansing met a tragic end during a camping trip with Trails Carolina. His disappearance on November 10, 2023, and subsequent discovery two days later, revealed that he succumbed to hypothermia. This incident prompted questions about the safety measures and supervision within wilderness therapy programs.

Impact on Wilderness Therapy: Catalyst for Change

Alec Lansing’s unfortunate fate acted as a catalyst for change, initiating a reevaluation of safety protocols, state regulations, and inspections at Trails Carolina. Furthermore, it triggered a broader examination of the entire wilderness therapy industry, with advocates pushing for enhanced regulation and oversight.

Trails Carolina Death List: Sorting Fact from Fiction

The Trails Carolina Death List, a controversial document circulating online, claims to feature individuals who died during the program. However, the list’s authenticity is under scrutiny, with some suggesting it might be fabricated. Regardless, the documented fatalities at Trails Carolina are a matter of public record.

Trails Carolina Tragedy: Navigating Allegations and Reality

Allegations of abuse and negligence have long haunted Trails Carolina. The program has faced accusations of excessive force, neglecting medical needs, and inadequate supervision. Despite this, defenders argue that wilderness therapy can be an effective treatment for troubled adolescents.

Regulation of Wilderness Therapy Camps

The wilderness therapy industry operates with minimal regulation, lacking federal or state laws overseeing its operations. Advocates for increased regulation contend that this oversight gap has contributed to instances of abuse and fatalities at Trails Carolina and other similar programs.

Trails Carolina’s Reputation

Trails Carolina has weathered negative publicity in recent years, with abuse allegations and fatalities staining its reputation. Nevertheless, positive experiences and transformative journeys have also been reported by participants. Responding to criticism, the program has implemented changes to safety protocols and increased transparency.


The sad passing of Alec Lansing has made people pay attention to the safety of wilderness therapy programs. This incident has led to a bigger look at the whole industry. Many people are now asking for more rules and checks to keep these programs safe. Even though wilderness therapy can help troubled teenagers, it’s crucial to make sure these programs are safe and well-controlled. The ongoing talk about Trails Carolina and similar programs shows that we need to keep looking into them and making changes to keep everyone safe.

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