Worlds Top 5 Strange Plants That Blow Your Mind

Corpse Flower:

This plant is known for its pungent odor that resembles rotting flesh. It can grow up to 10 feet tall and is native to Sumatra, Indonesia.

Bleeding Heart:

This plant gets its name from its heart shape and distinctive white tips which resemble droplets. It is native to Siberia, northern China, Korea, and Japan.


This bushy plant has dense, brain-like flowers nicknamed wool flowers or brain celosia. Despite its unsettling appearance, cockscomb has a rich history in traditional medicine and has been used to treat everything from headaches to menstrual cramps.

Japanese Blood Grass:

This grass earns its name from its blood-red spikes. It is popular with gardeners for its bold color but beware: any variety of cogon grass without the red tips is highly invasive.

Witches’ Hair:

This parasitic plant is native to tropical climates but also appears in temperate areas – including the UK. It is often identifiable as a mass of green, brown or orange spaghetti-like substance hanging from other trees. It lacks chlorophyll so it needs to feed from other plants (not unlike a vampire) to reproduce.

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